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Jeffers Software

by Marcus Jeffers, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., MSTOM


X-10 Remote TCP Server Pro Edition

Jeffers Software Introduces the:

X-10 TCP Remote Server Pro

and the rX10 Pocket PC Remote Client

Some Exciting New Features:

You will be able to run the Server as a Service on (Windows 2000, XP, 2000 Server, 2003 Server)

Enhanced Security - Password required to connect remotely to the server

Ability to set your own Server Listening Port

Enhanced Logging Activity

Support for CP290 Computer Interface: Put that old, reliable CP290 interface back to work!

This handy server utility allows you to control all your home automation devices (X-10 & X-10 Compatible) with a simple mouse-click.  This X-10 Remote Server will sit on a computer that is connected to your X-10 CM11A or CP290 Computer Interface.  You can turn any device on / off, dim / brighten lights, turn all lights on, all units off, change housecodes, change comports, etc. all from within this little application. 

Now, imagine doing all of this remotely.  Imagine using your Pocket PC as a remote control that sends and receives X-10 data wirelessly.  Even better, how about an Optional Remote Desktop Client for your PC too.  If you are running a home network, it's easy to control all X-10 modules from any computer attached to your network by using the Optional PC Client or the included Pocket PC client.

Hilighted Features:

  1. The Server now recognizes and communicates with the CM11A and the CP290 computer interfaces
  2. The Server now can run as a service on Windows, allowing you to "log off" your computer and continue to have the server running
  3. Ability to change your Server Listening Port. Provides for added security and customizability
  4. Server Password Protection for clients attempting to connect to your server
  5. Enhanced Server logging activity
  6. Execute commands from your Pocket PC Client or your Desktop Client:
    • Remotely Shutdown the computer system that your X-10 Remote TCP server is running on.
    • Remotely Abort the system Shutdown
    • Remotely Shutdown / Close the X-10 Remote TCP server program
  7. ADDED BONUS! The Pocket PC Client incorporates Zap Power-Off, so you can either exit / close the program or Turn Off your device, all from the Menu. Saving wear-and-tear on your Power Button.

Key features of the X-10 Remote Server Pro:

  1. Small application:  The server application will sit in your Desktop PC tray and send and receive remote commands from your Pocket PC, other Desktop PC(s), and right from the server application.
  2. Easy to Use:  If you know how to tap a screen, use a mouse and left or right click, you have already mastered this application.
  3. Convenient:  Tired of searching the house for your RF X-10 Remotes?  Wish you could control your CM11A or CP290 interface from ANY computer, NOT just the computer that has the CM11A or CP290 attached to it?  Want to control your home with your Pocket PC using wireless?
  4. Powerful:  This application accepts unlimited connections from multiple sources, PCs, Pocket PCs, etc.  This application works via TCP, so if you already have a home network running, either wirelessly or wired, you are set to remotely control your home.

What you will need:

  1. X10 Activehome Computer Interface CM-11A or compatible (ex. from here: http://www.smarthome.com/1140.html) OR X10 Activehome Computer Interface CP290 that is connected to a Desktop PC / Laptop PC with an open com / serial port to connect the CM11A.
  2. The Free X-10 Remote TCP Server - included in the retail and the trial versions. This Server runs on Windows (95,98, ME, 2000, XP, and higher) Operating Systems.
  3. rX10 Pocket PC Remote Client - included in the retail version. This PPC Client runs on Pocket PC 2000, 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 devices.
  4. A Pocket PC wireless adapter or ActiveSync connection if you want to control the Server from your Pocket PC.


  1. The rX10 Pro Desktop PC Remote Client - For controlling your devices from a PC. This PC Client runs on Windows (95,98, ME, 2000, XP, and higher) Operating Systems. This is Sold Separately and is now provided as an optional component.

X-10 Remote TCP Server Pro:  Supported Computer Interfaces

X-10 Remote TCP Server Pro
X-10 Remote TCP Server Standard
CM11A Interface Support
CP290 Interface Support
Customizable Server Listening Port
Server Password Protection
Ability to run the Server as a Service
Quick Status Windows
Enhanced Activity Logging
Standard Activity Logging
Remotely Shutdown Server Computer
Remotely Abort Shutdown
Remotely Close Server Application
Change Server COM Port
Commands: On, Off, Dim, All lights On, All Units Off


X-10 Remote Server Pro and Pocket PC Client
(Includes the
X-10 TCP Remote Server Pro AND rX10 Pocket PC Remote Client)

$34.99 at:


Optional X-10 Pro Desktop PC Remote Client ONLY
(Includes the optional
rX10 Pro Desktop PC Remote Client Only)

$4.99 at:


X-10 Remote Server Pro, Pocket PC Client and Desktop PC Client PACKAGE (all 3 products)
(Includes the X-10 TCP Remote Server Pro AND rX10 Pocket PC Remote Client AND the optional
rX10 Pro Desktop PC Remote Client)

$39.99 at:


Refund Policy

Please download the trial version to make sure it works with your Computer Interface.

Downloads: 939

X-10 is a registered trademark of X10 USA