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Jeffers Software

by Marcus Jeffers, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., MSTOM



Introducing Pocket PDBase 1.5

Managing all your data has never been easier or more convenient.

Tired of having to use an insecure Pocket Excel Document to keep track of:

  1. Website, Email, Logon, Security or Computer passwords
  2. Software Activation Codes, Licenses, Keys
  3. ATM codes
  4. Credit card numbers
  5. Customer support numbers
  6. On-line bill paying, banking, etc. passwords and website addresses
  7. Instant messenger names, passwords
  8. Internet settings for your dial-up or wireless accounts
  9. On-line shopping account passwords and website addresses
  10. etc.............
  • Pocket PDBase comes complete with a Full version of PDBase for your desktop so that you can keep your database up-to-date between your device and desktop. PDBase makes it easy to import all the records from your device into PDBase and export your PDBase records to your device.
  • Pocket PDBase can store any information. It is left up to your imagination as to how you will use the program.

Key features of Pocket PDBase:

  1. Your records are secure. The only time your records are decrypted is when you are looking at it. The rest of the database remains encrypted.
  2. Password protect pckPDBase so in the event you lose your device, no one will be able to view your database without knowing your password.
  3. pckPDBase Skins, you have the option of enabling or disabling the skin. You can also create your own.
  4. Fast searching of any text contained within any record
  5. Ability to list all of your records alphabetically so you can quickly display the record with a single click
  6. FREE Bonus! Includes Zap Power-Off (ARM, XScale) so that you can shut off your device safely from within pckPDBase
  7. You have the option to bookmark your last displayed record on exit, so it will be displayed immediately when you restart pckPDBase
  8. NEW (in version 1.5): pckPDBase can be installed and run from a storage card
  9. NEW: pckPDBase now has a Full-Featured Edit menu: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Undo, Select All, etc.
  10. NEW: new Skins menu provides 10 custom and colorful Skins - and you can still create your own!

Key features of Desktop PDBase:

Contains all the features of pckPDBase plus:

  1. Option of having PDBase window say on Top of all other windows, making it easy to cut and paste any data such as a logon name or password into an application or website.
  2. When you are online, you have the ability to double-click a record that contains a website address and have Internet Explorer immediately open and display the website. Making it easy to cut, copy and paste any information.
  3. Ability to import and export your database from pckPDBase or to pckPDBase.
  4. Ability to Backup your database to a disk.
  5. Ability to print your database records.
  6. Many more features, please see the included Readme.htm file for details.
  7. NEW: fixes and new enhancements to the export feature.
  • Desktop PDBase is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP
  • Trial Version is at VERSION 1.1 and does NOT include the Desktop PDBase Software

NO COMPLICATED SETUP PROCEDURES! pckPDBase comes packaged as a self-installer linked to ActiveSync for quick worry-free installing and uninstalling.

XScale Compatible (ex. IPAQ 3900 series)

Download the Trial Version of Pocket PDBase (This is version 1.1)

$11.99 at: