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Jeffers Software

by Marcus Jeffers, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., MSTOM



Introducing Zap Power-Off

Protect your expensive investment:This program allows you to turn off your device with a click of the stylus. No more fumbling with the tiny On / Off button. It is so much quicker to just Zap it off, close the case, put your PDA away and continue on to do other import work.

NO COMPLICATED SETUP PROCEDURES! Zap comes packaged as a self-installer linked to ActiveSync for quick worry-free installing and uninstalling.

Easy to Use: Once Zap is installed, just Tap your Windows Menu Button -> Programs -> ZAP and off goes your PDA.

To make life even easier, add Zap to your Start Menu by Tapping your Windows Menu Button -> Settings -> Menus, Scroll down to find Zap and put a Check Mark next to it, it's that simple.

Note: Some power off utilities may actually be running and consuming resources in the background once they are activated and the device is restarted eventually causing you to soft-reset your device. Zap was written to prevent this problem ensuring trouble free operation of your device.

Built for Windows Mobile 2005

$3.99 at:



Built for Windows Mobile 2000-2003 Second Edition

XScale Processor compatible (ex. IPAQ 3955, Toshiba e740)

$3.99 at: