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July 11, 2005
 - X-10 Remote Server Pro Edition has been released!
April 23, 2004
 - The long awaited and much anticipated AcuPoints 3.0 has been released!
March 20, 2004
 - tcmHerbs Standard Edition 1.6 has been released
March 1, 2004
 - tcmHerbs Professional Edition, a newcomer to the TCM software family has been released
January 1, 2004
 - X-10 Remote TCP Server 1.5 has been released. Please check out an online review of our software: Automated Home website mentions X-10 Remote TCP Client / Server
August 5, 2003
 - Now you can print your tcmHerbs formulas or your progress reports from PointLoc with HP's free printing software, find out more here in the Tips & Tricks section. Printing Software
April 4, 2003
 - tcmDiag has advanced searching features that allow you to search for MULTIPLE keywords at the same time.  Ex. Pale Tongue, Dizziness, Anemia - this is an extremely powerful aid to your diagnosis - for use at school, in the clinic, or for studying.
April 9, 2003
 - New tcmDiag screen shots have been added along with updated product information
April 18, 2003
 - The Long-Awaited tcmDiag - released Today!
March 22, 2003
 - tcmHerbs 1.5 Released Today, Read about the latest features
March 23, 2003
 - Progress is moving along on tcmDiag.  Finishing work on the desktop version and preparing for testing.
Fact: Over 19, 8.5"x11", pages of Diagnosis information is packed into tcmDiag

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