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  2. Printing Support
  3. How to prevent losing all of your data if your Pocket PC Battery dies (Backups Made Easy)
  4. Help Installing the Pocket PC 2003 Runtime File
  5. Help Installing the Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 Pocket PC Runtime File


Tired of having to Click the Start Button, then the Programs Folder and then look through all of your installed applications just to find your Acupuncture / Herb / Diagnosis software? Follow these steps and create an Acupuncture folder on the Start menu and have all of your applications handy.

  • This is a picture of the finished result:


  • Here's how to do it:
    1. Connect your Pocket PC 2002 to your desktop computer via ActiveSync
    2. Once connected, double-click the Green ActiveSync Circle on your taskbar next to the clock
    3. When Microsoft ActiveSync comes up, click the "Explore" button
    4. When the "mobile device" window comes up, double-click the "My Pocket PC" folder
    5. Next, double-click the "Windows" folder
    6. Find and double-click the "Start Menu" folder
    7. You should see, among other things, the "Programs" and "Settings" folders, now you know you are in the right area. From here, use the Right Mouse button and Right-Click in a blank area within the window. When a little dialog appears, choose "New Folder" at the bottom
    8. When "New Folder" comes up, type "Acupuncture" or whatever name you want to give to your new folder
    9. From here, double-click the "Programs" folder
    10. Hold the Ctrl / Control key on your keyboard and use the Left Mouse button to click all of your Jeffers Software program that you want grouped together in your new folder. For example, tcmHerbs, tcmDiag, PointLoc, Acupoints. Once you have only these files highlighted, let go of the Ctrl key and then go to the "Edit" menu at the top of that window and Choose "Copy"
    11. Now click the "Back" or Up button on that window to return you to "\Windows\Start Menu". Once there, double-click your new folder, i.e. "Acupuncture"
    12. Again, go to the "Edit" menu at the top of the windows and Choose "Paste". This will make of copy of the shortcuts for you in your new folder
    13. At this point you can click the Start button on your Pocket PC 2002 and you should see your newly created folder, like above. Now just Tap that folder and you no longer will have to search though a list of all your programs to find the one's you need.
    14. NOTE: If you un-install a program in your newly created folder, you will have to manually repeat some of these steps and delete that shortcut because it will no longer be working and the un-installer will not know to remove this shortcut.


Printing: If you have an IPAQ, HP offers free printing software for your Pocket PC. Now you can print your Herbal Formulas from tcmHerbs or your Progress reports from Pocket PointLoc along with other document formats:

    - e-mail
    - .RTF
    - tasks
    - contacts
    - notes (.pwi)
    - Pocket Word (.psw)
    - appointments
    - images (.bmp, .jpg, .png)
    - text (.txt)

  • The printing software is compatible with Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003 (Windows Mobile 2003)
  • Check out the software here: HP / IPAQ Printing Software



Want to prevent having to reinstall all of your software? Want to prevent losing your valuable data?

Then simply follow these instructions and rest assured you can restore your Pocket PC back to normal in a hurry:

Easily Backup Your Entire Pocket PC by Using Microsoft ActiveSync, Here's How:

  1. Connect your Pocket PC to your Desktop Computer to establish and ActiveSync Connection

  2. Double-click the Microsoft ActiveSync Icon located in your Windows System Tray 

  3. Microsoft ActiveSync will Open. From here, click the "Tools" menu and then click "Backup / Restore..."

  4. The "Backup/Restore" dialog box will appear. Make sure to click "Full backup" and then click "Back Up Now"

  5. Your Entire Pocket PC will now be backed up, Including your settings, programs, data, contacts, etc.

  6. Bingo! You have successfully made a backup of your Pocket PC!

Now if your battery ever dies, don't worry, all you need to do is simply repeat Steps 1-3 and then on Step 4, choose the "Restore" tab, then click the "Restore Now" button, Bingo! Pocket PC Back to Normal:


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