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Pocket tcmHerbs, Now with Formula Builder


tcmHerbs Pro is geared more towards Acupuncture Professionals and Professional Herbalists. Based on tcmHerbs Standard edition, this edition adds new features and functionality that professional users requested as well as enhanced support for large databases and larger record sizes. There is ample room in the Herb Actions / Indications section to include many different references, notes, clinical experiences, herb combinations, etc. The database has been modified to support faster data access as well as multi-keyword-search capabilities.


TcmHerbs Professional Edition (tcmHerbs PE) software will allow you to manage a database of Herbs along with their associated pictures. tcmHerbs PE includes a free educational database with 215 Chinese Medicinal Herbs and a high-resolution Color Photo of each herb. With the help of a powerful Import feature and the included Desktop version of tcmHerbs PE for the desktop PC, you can begin Entering / Importing data you may already have or just use the Desktop version to modify the database. At any time you can Add new herbs or Delete existing herbs with a simple click. And, just like tcmHerbs SE, you don't have to limit your herbal database to Chinese Herbs, you can enter Western herbs as well, like Ginkgo biloba, Echinacea, Milk thistle, etc. It's up to you on what information you want to store.

Once you have your database the way you want it, one click will automatically export it to your Pocket PC for use with Pocket tcmHerbs PE. At this point you will have a complete herbal compendium at your fingertips, including many powerful search & retrieval features such as: Multi-Search, Single Search, Quick Search List, List All and Smart Searching.

Features of the Professional Edition:

  • Includes a free educational herbal database containing 215 of the most popular Chinese Herbs, most of which are included as part of the California State Licensing Exam and the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists & Oriental Medicine Exams (NCCAOM).
    • The free herbal database includes:
      • Herb Pinyin name
      • Herb English / Latin / Pharmaceutical Name
      • Taste / Qi / Entering Meridians
      • Herb Actions / Herb Indications
      • Signs / Symptoms indicating herb usage, along with western medical terminology including explanations / translations
      • Important Contraindications, Cautions and Notes
      • Noteworthy western / TCM research regarding the Herb and it's use
      • Dosage Range
      • Herb Category
      • Place holder for you to enter a page number of where the herb can be found in one of your favorite herbal text books
      • Now all you need to do is add your own clinical experiences, your notes and combinations!

  • Herbs page:
    • This page includes:
      • A drop down box listing all the herbs to choose from
        • By choosing the "Use English Name" from the Options menu, you can also list herbs by their English / Latin name. This is a nice feature if you have memorized the herbs by their English / Latin names and not their Pinyin names.
      • A section for the Taste / Qi / Entering Meridians
      • A section for the Herb Action / Indications
      • An herb Dosage section
      • A section for the Page Number of the herb.
    • Quick Info button - Easy toggle view of your Herb Details
    • tcmHerbs PE now communicates, via the Program Link feature, with the newest member of the TCM family of software, tcmFX (TCM Formulas), now you can access individual herb information by clicking on an herb listed in your tcmFX formulas program (Requires tcmFX)!
    • Quick Pick button - allows you to quickly locate an herb, much faster than scrolling through the pull-down box
    • Multi-State E/c - Expand and Contract toolbar button.  This 3 state button allows you to expand the Herb Actions / Indications area to 1 and 1/2 times, and larger, than it's original size, so you can view more of your data at one glance
    • Font Size - Click the size button to change the display font size on the fly. There are 7 different font sizes to choose from.
    • Herb Compare - Click the "Cx" button to toggle on / off the Compare feature. Comparing two herbs at the same time is a snap, navigate to the first herb you want in your comparison, then click the "Cx" button on, and then you can run a search by using any of the search tools, use the Quick Pick button or the pull-down box to choose the second herb in your comparison. You will then automatically be taken to a dialog showing both herbs and their associated data, allowing you to study the differences / similarities.

  • Details page:

    • This page includes:
      • A section for the English / Latin / Pharmaceutical name
      • A section for the herbal Category to which the herb belongs
      • A section to display a High-Resolution Color Photo of each herb.
        • For easy ID, the included photos contain the most representative cut of each herb. For some herbs that come in various "cuts", the picture contains the different cuts. Ex. the photo of Huang Qi contains a sample cut like the typical "Tongue Depressor" and samples that are cut "Crosswise". This helps you in identifying the not-so-frequent cut samples of the herb.
        • Also, you can easily add new pictures of your own or delete existing pictures
    • Picture Zoom - Click on the herb picture to zoom-in to unlimited size
    • Picture Rotate - Now you can rotate your images in 90 degree increments to get a different perspective

  • Results page: This page stores the results of your last search in a nice, organized, sorted list. One click of an herb takes you right to it! This list also allows you to compare and contrast different herbs based on your searching criteria without having to re-run a search. There is also a handy Navigational pad allowing you to quickly locate an herb with one click.

  • Formula Builder page: This page contains a list of the herbs you prefer to build a formula with. By either clicking the "+" key on the menu bar or by Choosing "Formula Builder Mode" in the Results page, you can automatically place herbs you want into your Formula List and Create a Report for yourself or your Patients.
    • Your report can include:
      • Pinyin or English name of the herbs
      • Dosages of the herbs
      • The formula name
      • The patient's name
      • Your name / Doctors name
      • Special instructions for the Patient
      • The report can be saved and viewed by Pocket Word and then printed, or saved or viewed on your desktop PC like any other Word document

  • Database Searching Features:

    • Single Search: This allows you to search for ANY text in your herbal database. So, just type in a keyword and tcmHerbs will produce a "Results" list of all the herbs that contain your search term. From there, a single click brings you right to that herb. How's that for fast and easy?

    • Quick Search List: This unique feature gives you the ability to store your frequently typed search terms. Then with two clicks, you can run the search again, all without re-typing which saves you a tremendous amount of time especially when you are designing a formula.

    • List All: This button provides you with an organized and sorted list of all the Herbs in your database, complete with the Navigational pad.

    • Smart Searching: There is some intelligence built into tcmHerbs. For example, say you are looking at the herb Bai Mao Gen and you notice that one of the functions is to "Clear Heat". You want to find all the herbs that have this function, so what do you do? Easy, just use the stylus to highlight "Clear Heat" and click the Search button. Instantly you could have a list with several herbs that share this function, such as: Lu Gen, Shi Gao, etc.

    • Multi-Search: This very powerful search feature allows you to search your database using up to three different keywords at the same time. The results will contain herbs that match the criteria for all your keyword search terms. For example, if you wanted to find herbs that "clear heat" and deal with the "lung" and "stomach", you just enter these terms into the multi-search dialog and click "begin search" and tcmHerbs PE will return a list of all the herbs matching your search keywords.

  • TcmHerbs PE also incorporates Zap Power-Off, so you can either exit tcmHerbs or Turn Off your device, all from the Menu. Saving wear-and-tear on your Power Button.

Desktop tcmHerbs Professional Edition:

tcmHerbs PE also comes with a Desktop version (v.3.0). This is a companion program that runs on Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista. This program allows you to modify your database or import existing data you may already have from a Text File or a Microsoft Word document right into tcmHerbs PE, making it instantly available to your Pocket PC. TcmHerbs PE includes a .txt file and a Word Document file that is already partially populated and ready for you to add any existing data you may have.

Here are just some of the features of the Desktop version:

    • "Browse By Category" feature. Quickly see all of the pictures of herbs in a given category. Simply clicking an herb picture takes you right to that herb
    • Sizable Windows that allow you to increase/decrease Font Size for better viewing
    • New option to Bookmark your last herb
    • Multi-Search, see the picture below.  Very powerful feature allowing multiple keyword searches
      • If viewing in swap mode, the search results will be in Latin / English
    • Increased File Transfer Speed: less than 3 seconds for a full database transfer via USB on new Windows Mobile devices, even faster if using USB 2.0
    • Large database support and large record sizes, allows for virtually unlimited database size
    • Built-in file transfer! With true 1-click ability, Desktop tcmHerbs PE will automatically transfer (export) your database to your Pocket PC
    • Most Requested Feature: Now you can compare up to 3 herbs at the same time, see picture below.
    • Single Search: Highlight any words on the main screen and run a Search (Ctrl+F) and a search will be conducted using your highlighted text; no typing involved. How's that for easy?
    • Ability to pull up herbs by using their English or Pinyin names
    • Screen settings, database location, view mode and other settings are remembered for the next time you start Desktop tcmHerbs PE
    • View your data exactly as it will be displayed on your Pocket PC with the "View in Pocket PC" mode. Makes for easy data layout and formatting
    • Expanded Readme Help file with examples and tips
    • Import from a .txt file or Word Document - both are included to get you started right away (no need to retype data you may already have)
    • Advanced Backup / Restore; keep your herbal database safe
    • Advanced Database Information Dialog: run backups, browse your database location and find vital stats about your database including the last date and time you exported to your Pocket PC
    • And, If you don't have any data to import, Desktop tcmHerbs PE makes is very quick and easy to type any data right into the program or modify the included database
    • A "Control center" for easy record navigation
    • Multiple quick shortcut-keys such as Alt+N or Alt+D to add New or delete existing records. Tab controls help you enter information without using a mouse - increasing speed and saving time - just start entering data and click the Tab key to move to the next entry
    • Auto-save feature

The Included Desktop Version of tcmHerbs

(animated gif above)

If you own tcmHerbs Standard Edition version 1.x, you may purchase the Professional Edition for only $24.99. Note, this offer is only valid at this site and only available through PayPal.

The Professional Edition of tcmHerbs is not an upgrade to tcmHerbs Standard Edition. They are two separate product lines and development will continue with both Editions separately.

The database engine was changed in tcmHerbs PE to allow greater flexibility, speed and expansion, and will not be able to read databases created in tcmHerbs SE. Work is progressing on a database conversion program that will convert your tcmHerbs Standard Edition database to the new database format used in the Pro version.

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