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iTCM - Points Categories

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Integrated Testing for Chinese Medicine

Review the most important point categories to improve your test scores or enhance your treatment protocols.


  • The first Points Categories section tests Five Element point correspondences.
  • The second section covers Mu, Shu, Xi, Luo, and Source points.
  • The final section tests Lower He-Sea, Influential, 4 Command, 3 Jiao, 8 Extra Master, Group Luo, and Muscle Meridian Meeting Points
  • Score your results after you finish a section or choose "Immediate Feedback" if you want to know how you're doing right away. iTCM will color code your answers so you know what you got right and what you need to work on.


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CPU Requirements:
  • Minimum: 133 MHz Pentium or AMD microprocessor
  • Optimal: 1.8 GHz+ Pentium or AMD microprocessor

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Memory Requirements:
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Video Resolution:
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Color Quality:
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System Storage Space
Free Hard Drive Space:
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System, General
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • .pdf Document Reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader / Foxit Reader, etc.)

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