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Introducing AcuPoints 5 for Windows

AcuPoints 5.1 - Brief Summary of Features

AcuPoints is an all-in-one program which addresses the needs of Acupuncture Professionals, Alternative Medicine Practitioners, as well as Students of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Due to many requests we have created a version of AcuPoints for those who do not have or want to use a mobile device or phone version of this software. This allows many opportunities to break away from the limited interfaces and resources of those types of devices. This software will run on your Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. desktop as a stand-alone version of the product.

AcuPoints includes a lot of features and functionality, here is a short breakdown:

  • 401 Acupuncture Point locations (traditional and extra points)
  • Over 50 TCM Diagnosis / Diseases (see below for a complete listing)
  • Multi-Search, a multi-keyword searching engine that accepts up to 3 different key phrases / words to search for throughout your Location or Diagnosis data. Ex. "headache" AND "night sweats" AND "pale tongue"
  • Smart-Search allows easier searching by just highlighting words or phrases in your data and pressing CTRL+F (Search), this will automatically run a search and display any matching results. No typing needed.
  • Completely redesigned user interface. Allows resizing and recall of nearly every window size and position
  • Multiple font sizes to choose from
  • Built-in data Backup and Restore functionality
  • Integrated and user-editable acupuncture point metadata such as Pinyin / English name and point Attributes (ex. Front-Mu, Crossing Point) for each point
  • Ability to compare up to 3 different acupuncture points simultaneously. Compare their location, notes, and attributes / metadata (ex. Ghost Point, Back-Shu Point)
  • Includes detailed Images of points and key anatomical landmarks and references for all 14 main meridians
  • Includes images for body measurement and references for the front, side, and back-of-the-body perspectives
  • Special points: Entry, Exit, Horary, Luo, Source, Xi-Cleft, Lower He-Sea, Tonification, Sedation, Well, Spring, Stream, River and He-Sea points for each meridian as well as the Organ / Meridian active time and the currently active meridian based off the the current time
  • Needle Size, Gauge and Handle Color chart
  • The Influential, Command and Confluent Points
  • The Front Mu and Back Shu Points along with their associated vertebral locations
  • 4 Point Needle technique calculation for any meridian
  • Acupuncture Treatment Protocols: this feature allows you to create, modify, delete, and save custom Acupuncture point protocols for your reference. You can quickly add points to your protocol right from the Location view. After your custom treatment is created you can choose to apply: Tonification, Sedation, and/or Moxa to any listed points as well as specify: Left side, Right side and/or Bilateral treatment. Then you can add a Comment / Description for your protocol and save it. You can even click on a point in your protocol and AcuPoints will display that point location and any associated Clinic Notes. How's that for easy! You can even share your protocols with other users of AcuPoints. Here are a few ways you can use this new AcuTx feature:
    • Create AcuTx protocols for certain conditions and save them by condition name: ex. "Common Cold", "Gastritis", "Influenza"
    • Create AcuTx protocols based on Journal Articles, Conferences, Colleague's: ex. "Dr. Ni's Headache Treatment"
    • Record Acupuncture treatments for your patients: ex. "Bob Jones - 11/15/04"
    • ...There are infinite possibilities.
  • New to 5.1:
    • Go to Point: Immediately jump to a point by typing it in. Ex GV 12 or Yuyao
    • Ability to add Custom Points or Text to your Treatment Protocols. Ex. if you wanted to add ear points into your protocol you add Custom Point text like Ear Shenmen and it will display along with your other treatment points.
    • Ability to Print your Treatment Protocols
    • Added Instant-Search feature to quickly locate any custom text and highlight it within your Acupuncture notes. You can choose up to three keywords or phrases to search for or just use the defaults. Quickly seach for and highlight in your notes: Contraindications, Cautions, Needling Methods, etc.

(you can change these, delte them, and add your own too)

Heart Syndromes
Heart Yang Deficiency
Heart Yang Exhaustion
Heart Blood Stagnation
Heart Qi Deficiency
Heart Yin Deficiency
Heart Blood Deficiency
Hyperactivity of Heart Fire
Phlegm Misting the Heart (Cold type)
Phlegm Fire Disturbs the Heart

Small Intestine Syndromes
Small Intestine Qi Pain
Small Intestine Excess Heat
Small Intestine Deficiency Cold

Large Intestine Syndromes
Damp Heat in the Large Intestine
Consumption of Fluid in the Large Intestine
Deficiency Cold in the Large Intestine

Lung Syndromes
Invasion of Lung by Exogenous Wind Cold
Invasion of Lung by Exogenous Wind Heat
Invasion of Lung by Wind Dryness
Retention of Phlegm Heat in the Lung
Retention of Phlegm Damp in the Lung
Lung Qi Deficiency
Lung Yin Deficiency

Spleen Syndromes
Spleen Qi Deficiency
Spleen Qi Sinking
Spleen Not Controlling Blood
Spleen Deficiency Edema
Spleen Yang Deficiency
Invasion of Spleen by Cold Damp
Damp Heat in the Spleen and Stomach

Stomach Syndromes
Retention of Food in the Stomach
Stomach Cold
Stomach Fire Rising (Blazing)
Stomach Yin Deficiency

Liver Syndromes
Liver Qi Stagnation
Liver Qi and Blood Stagnation
Phlegm and Qi Stagnant and Blocked
Retention of Cold in the Liver Channel
Liver Fire Rising
Liver Yang Rising
Liver Blood Deficiency
Damp Heat in the Liver and Gallbladder
Liver Invades the Spleen
Liver Invades the Stomach
Liver Yang Rising turns into Wind
Extreme Heat Stirs Liver Wind
Deficiency of Blood Produces Liver Wind

Kidney Syndromes
Kidney Qi Deficiency
Kidney Yang Deficiency
Kidney Yin Deficiency
Kidney Jing Deficiency

Urinary Bladder Syndromes
Damp Heat in the Urinary Bladder

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