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AcuPoints 3.6 - Brief Summary of Features

AcuPoints is an all-in-one program which addresses the needs of Acupuncture Professionals as well as Students of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This software includes two great packages. The first, and most important, includes many features that are not found in any other Acupuncture software program to date. This package, called Pocket AcuPoints, is installed on your Pocket PC and allows you to not only access your Acupuncture point "My Clinic Notes" and your TCM Diagnosis databases but also includes:

  • 401 Acupuncture Point locations, over 50 TCM Diagnosis
  • Compare / Contrast Points and associated Clinic Notes
  • Front Mu and Back Shu Points, along with the associated vertebral locations
  • The Influential, Command and Confluent points
  • 4 Point Needle technique calculations for any meridian
  • Entry, Exit, Horary, Luo, Source, Xi-Cleft, Lower He-Sea, Tonification, Sedation and 5-Element points for any meridian
  • This new version even shows you which Organ / Meridian is currently active based on your Pocket PC time clock
  • Needle Size and Gauge charts
  • Front body measurement picture
  • Back body measurement picture
  • Side body measurement picture
  • Multi-Keyword Searching engine: choose up to 3 different keywords to search for
  • Quick search list and other sophisticated searching features
  • Quickly scan through your Clinic notes for Needling Methods, Contraindications and Cautions, using a single button.
  • and the newest feature, AcuTx. This feature allows you to create, modify, and delete custom Acupuncture treatment protocols. You can quickly add points to your protocol right from the Location page. After your custom treatment is created you can choose to apply: Tonification, Sedation, and / or Moxa to any of the points as well as specify: Left side, Right side, Bilateral treatments. Then you can save your custom treatment protocols and load them again at the click of a button. And, once your list is created all you have to do is click on the point and click the "Locate" button and Pocket AcuPoints will take you directly to it's location. How's that for easy! You can even share your protocols with other users of AcuPoints! Here are a few ways you can use this new feature:
    • Create AcuTx protocols for certain conditions and save them by condition name: ex. "Common Cold", "Gastritis", "Influenza"
    • Create AcuTx protocols based on Journal Articles, Conferences, Colleague's: ex. "Dr. Ni's Headache Treatment"
    • Record Acupuncture treatments for your patients: ex. "Bob Jones - 11/15/04"
    • ...There are infinite possibilities.

The second package is a desktop version of AcuPoints for Importing, Entering / Modifying information related to both Acupuncture Point clinic notes and TCM Diagnosis. This package allows you to Import your databases from Pocket AcuPoints or Export your Desktop databases to Pocket AcuPoints. The desktop version enables you to quickly enter, change, add, delete and modify information using your regular desktop PC. If you are computer savvy and already have external data ready to import into AcuPoints, the Desktop version allows importing from a Text file or Excel spreadsheet (included). This new edition also adds Multi-Keyword Search capabilities that provides results from both your "My Clinic Notes" and Diagnosis database sections.

As you can see, these two packages are comprehensive and yet completely expandable. Imagine what you can do.

Please read on to find out more about these powerful programs.

Features in Detail:

  • Location Database page:
    • Includes the standard Acupuncture Point locations of all 361 main meridian acupuncture points AND 36 Extra points for a total of 401 points.
      • This page includes a blank 'My Clinic Notes' area where you can keep track of: Point Actions, Indications, Needling Technique / Depth, basically anything you need to have associated with a particular point - Just type it in directly or import any existing data you have via Desktop AcuPoints.
    • With the new "Size" button located on the Location page, you can easily change the display font size.  Increase for easier reading or decrease to show more information per page.
    • Cx: Compare function allows you to compare two acupuncture points at the same time!
    • Md/CI/Ca: Quickly jump to Needling methods, Contraindications, Cautions in your clinic notes.

  • Diagnosis & Treatment Database page:  This page contains over 50 TCM Diagnosis complete with Signs / Symptoms and Acupuncture treatment points.  You have the ability to Create, Edit, Delete and Customize your own diagnosis and treatment protocols. Now you can create specific diagnosis with associated treatments. Click a Diagnosis and all the associated information appears. You can add: points, signs / symptoms, tongue / pulse, formulas, herbs, etc.

  • Mu / Shu / Spine page: Includes each of the 12 main meridians and their associated Back Shu point, spinous process where the Shu point can be located from and the Front Mu of each meridian.

  • Influential / Command / Confluent page: Includes all the Influential points (ex. UB-17 Influential for blood) and 4 Command points for each body area (ex. LI-4 for the Face and Mouth area).
    • The 8 Confluent Points with Pop-up Indications.

  • 4 Point Needle Technique page: This page takes all the hard work out of finding the Tonification and Sedation points according to the 4 Point Needle Technique. Just choose a Meridian from the drop-down box and all the points are displayed instantly. COLOR Coding leads your eyes right to the set of points you need.

  • Miscellaneous Points page: Displays the Entry, Exit, Horary, Luo, Source, XI, Lower He-Sea, Tonification, and Sedation point for any given meridian. 5-element points are also included: Well, Spring, etc.. with automatic COLOR coding according to the 5-elements & Yin / Yang organ designation. Ex. Well points for Yang Meridians begin on the Metal element hence the well point color is White, etc.. Also, the Active time for the Organ is displayed according to the Midday - Midnight Cycle.

    New to this version is the currently active Organ. Pocket AcuPoints displays this based on the current time of day.

  • Needle Sizes and Gauges page: Displays a page with Chinese Gauge to Millimeter to Japanese Gauge conversions. COLOR coding is used to denote the Seirin brand needle handle color. Also, at the bottom is a needle length conversion from inches to millimeters, etc.

  • Front, Back and Side Body Measurements page: Displays a picture with the anatomical Cun measurements for the human body.

  • Search Results page: Forget running a search again! This page displays a list of your last search results. Easily compare and contrast your search hits. The Toolbar holds a button to quickly access this page.
    • Now the new searching feature traverses both databases at once - searching your "My Clinic Notes" AND "Diagnosis" databases at the same time. Then the new unified Results page returns the items that matched your search in a 3-state window. This allows you to view results from both databases at once (the Split-View), or just the results from the "My Clinic Notes" database (the View-Points view) OR just the results from the "Diagnosis" database (the View-Dx view). It's completely up to you how you want to see your search results, just click a button!

  • Single Search: allows you to search for ANY text in your 'My Clinic Notes' section. So, if you typed in all the actions for each of your points, finding all the points that, say 'Clear Heat', is a snap. AcuPoints produces a list of all the points that contain your search term then a single click brings you right to that point. How's that for fast and easy?

  • Smart Searching (borrowed from Pocket tcmHerbs). Intelligence is built into AcuPoints allowing you to use the stylus to highlight any text and click the Search button to instantly run a search. NO typing is needed!

  • Multi-Search: This very powerful search feature allows you to search your databases using up to three different keywords at the same time. The results will contain records that match the criteria for all your keyword search terms.

  • Quick Search List:. This feature gives you the ability to store your frequently typed search terms. Then with two clicks you can run the search again, all without typing - saving you a tremendous amount of time and retyping, especially when you are with a patient.

  • List All: This button generates a sorted list of all Acupuncture points in your database, complete with a quick Navigational pad.

  • Jump Feature: Say for example you list certain points for a certain treatment in your Diagnosis database - ex. St-25 is listed under 'Damp Heat in the Large Intestine' as a point for Draining Heat from the Intestines . Wouldn't it be nice to simply highlight a point in your treatment section and have AcuPoints Jump right to that point in the location page allowing you to quickly reference it? Well you can now, just highlight 'St-25' and JUMP to it.

    • TIP: Did you know that if you highlight ANY word in your Diagnosis database notes and Click the 'Jump' Button that Pocket AcuPoints will search all of your databases for a match? The Jump feature is not just limited to locating Points

  • AcuTx: Create your own custom treatment protocols and save them for later reference. Choose which points you want to add and then decide if you are going to needle them with a Tonification or Sedation technique. Decide if you are want to needle the points on the Left, Right or Bilaterally. Want to add Moxa to the points? You can even share your AcuTx protocols with other users of AcuPoints! Imagine the uses:
    • You are sitting around the local coffee shop. You are thinking about what point protocol to use on your next patient, Bob Smith. You pull out your Pocket PC and begin browsing through your Points and adding them to your AcuTx Protocol list. Once satisfied, you save your AcuTx. Then when Bob arrives at your office you quickly browse your "Bob Smith - 12/01/04" AcuTx protocol and off you go.
    • You are browsing through "Acupuncture Today" and notice a treatment protocol you would like to try for the "Common Cold" - you have your Pocket PC handy so you quickly and easily enter the points into AcuTx and off you go.
    • You are at a seminar listening to a speaker describe great success by using certain points, you take good notes and then later create an AcuTx protocol based on the speakers experience. Ex. "Dr. Yang's Point Protocol for Occipital Headache"
    • etc, etc.

  • Full-Featured Edit menu: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Undo, Select All...

  • ADDED BONUS! Now AcuPoints incorporates Zap Power-Off (ARM), so you can either exit AcuPoints or Turn Off your device, all from the Menu. Saving wear-and-tear on your Power Button.

Other Features in Pocket AcuPoints Version 3:

  • Quickly view your Pocket PC database path for use with Desktop AcuPoints
  • Redesigned interface allowing you to view 10% more of your information at once.
  • Increased searching engine speed.
  • Expand & Contract buttons in the Diagnosis / Treatment & Clinic Notes sections allow full viewing of your notes.
  • AcuPoints now remembers your Expand / Contract Settings and the last page you were on.

also comes with a Desktop version. This is program runs on Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP allowing you to enter or import your data from a Text file or an Excel spreadsheet right into AcuPoints, making it instantly available to your Pocket PC. Here are just some of the features of the Desktop version:
    • Desktop AcuPoints now features Multi-Search, the very powerful multi-keyword search utility.
    • Import and Export to and from your Pocket PC
      • Built-in file transfer! with true 1-click ability, Desktop AcuPoints will automatically transfer (export) your database to your Pocket PC
    • Increased File Transfer Speed: less than 6 seconds for a full database transfer via USB on Windows Mobile 2003 devices, even faster if using USB 2.0
    • Large database support and large record size increase for your "My Clinic Notes" section
    • Import from a .txt file or Excel spreadsheet (no need to retype data you may already have)
    • Backup / Restore your data to keep it safe - Version 3.0 adds the ability to Backup and Restore from any drive / folder, not just the Floppy Disk
    • If you don't have any data to import, Desktop AcuPoints makes it very quick and easy to type (or Copy / Paste) your Notes right into the program, then you can Export the data to your Pocket PC!
    • Diagnosis and Treatment Section with full Backup, Restore, and Export functions
    • Quick shortcut-keys for entering data and saving you time
    • Auto-save

Other Features in Desktop AcuPoints Version 3.5:

  • View your data exactly as it will be displayed on your Pocket PC with the new 'View in Pocket PC Mode' option. Makes for easy data layout and formatting. What you see is what you get!
  • You can now specify 'Carriage Returns' in your .txt file data so that AcuPoints can format your information accordingly.
  • Maximized sizes of drop down boxes for easier selection of points
  • Enhanced Documentation with examples.

(you can change these, delte them, and add your own too)

Heart Syndromes
Heart Yang Deficiency
Heart Yang Exhaustion
Heart Blood Stagnation
Heart Qi Deficiency
Heart Yin Deficiency
Heart Blood Deficiency
Hyperactivity of Heart Fire
Phlegm Misting the Heart (Cold type)
Phlegm Fire Disturbs the Heart

Small Intestine Syndromes
Small Intestine Qi Pain
Small Intestine Excess Heat
Small Intestine Deficiency Cold

Large Intestine Syndromes
Damp Heat in the Large Intestine
Consumption of Fluid in the Large Intestine
Deficiency Cold in the Large Intestine

Lung Syndromes
Invasion of Lung by Exogenous Wind Cold
Invasion of Lung by Exogenous Wind Heat
Invasion of Lung by Wind Dryness
Retention of Phlegm Heat in the Lung
Retention of Phlegm Damp in the Lung
Lung Qi Deficiency
Lung Yin Deficiency

Spleen Syndromes
Spleen Qi Deficiency
Spleen Qi Sinking
Spleen Not Controlling Blood
Spleen Deficiency Edema
Spleen Yang Deficiency
Invasion of Spleen by Cold Damp
Damp Heat in the Spleen and Stomach

Stomach Syndromes
Retention of Food in the Stomach
Stomach Cold
Stomach Fire Rising (Blazing)
Stomach Yin Deficiency

Liver Syndromes
Liver Qi Stagnation
Liver Qi and Blood Stagnation
Phlegm and Qi Stagnant and Blocked
Retention of Cold in the Liver Channel
Liver Fire Rising
Liver Yang Rising
Liver Blood Deficiency
Damp Heat in the Liver and Gallbladder
Liver Invades the Spleen
Liver Invades the Stomach
Liver Yang Rising turns into Wind
Extreme Heat Stirs Liver Wind
Deficiency of Blood Produces Liver Wind

Kidney Syndromes
Kidney Qi Deficiency
Kidney Yang Deficiency
Kidney Yin Deficiency
Kidney Jing Deficiency

Urinary Bladder Syndromes
Damp Heat in the Urinary Bladder

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